The Art of Creating Perfect Smiles

The Art of Creating Perfect Smiles

Orthodontics is not only one of the most specialized branches of dentistry, but is also the oldest as well. In layman terms it deals with correction of maligned teeth and disproportionate jaws in children and adults. But to understand deep, this field actually deals with the overall harmony, function and aesthetic balance of the teeth and oro-facial musculature. In adolescents it deals with the mixed dentition cases with an array of problems eg. Deep bite, open bite, cross bite, spaces, crowding , class 3 and class 2 skeletal relationship. Early exfoliating deciduous teeth and space maintenance. It also deals with deleterious habits such as tongue thrusting and digit sucking.

Our specialists at Master Care Dental Clinic specialize in dealing with some of the most complex orthodontic conditions, eg:-

  • Severe gummy smile with maxillary excess and exostosis
  • Horizontally impacted molars
  • Closing large posterior spaces,
  • Intrusion of severely extruded posteriors for prosthetic rehabilitation
  • Severe gummy smile and protrusion
  • Canting of dental arches
  • Asymmetric upper or lower jaws
  • Temporo-mandibular pain and disorders
  • Severely impacted anterior teeth
  • Non-Surgical treatment of severe class 3 and class 2 skeletal relation
  • Severe dental protrusions or bi-maxillary protrusions
  • Sleep apnea, bruxism
  • Expansion of constricted arches due to cleft lip and palate

In most adult patients at our clinic, the most common problems that we treat are crowding of teeth, spaces, openbite, underbite, protrusion and gummy smile. Often impaction can be seen in adults of upper canines and lower 3rd molar that can be treated successfully with orthodontic intervention.

One of the most common problems in south east asian population is Bi-dental protrusion, which is flaring of upper and lower front teeth, because of smaller arch circumference or larger tooth size. The flared teeth often cause incompetence of lips and protruding lower half of the face that isn’t pleasing to the ideal profile. Usually an all 4 extraction, that is extraction of all first premolars and full anterior retraction is done to correct the protrusion. The use of Miniscrew or TADs is a very popular approach in such scenarios as they provide maximum anchorage and perfect control for the orthodontist.

For growing children growth modification appliances like Facemask and Twinblock can be used and are very effective with patient comfort and compliance.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, along with orthodontic treatment, is sometime taken into consideration for cases who fall beyond the boundaries of dento-facial correction by orthodontics only. Such cases are first planned and corrected by orthodontics to a pre-surgical requisite, before surgically correcting the jaws to an ideal position.

Orthodontics is getting advanced everyday and the diagnosis and treatment planning is getting more digital and predictable. A new clear aligner technology works on the principal of digitally predicting the minor orthodontic movements throughout the treatment. These treatment stages are then converted into clear aligner trays and are worn by patients. Each individual tooth held to the tray by the help of a specialized attachment on it, that is specifically designed to deliver a particular force system for the desired movement of that tooth.

At Master Care Dental Clinic we believe that patient comfort, expectations and treatment goals need to be at the centre of decision making and therefore we tailor make and choose the best treatment option for the patient, ranging from absolute basic treatment modalities, to the most advance clinical procedures. We want to make sure we deliver the best smile possible on your face.

Some of the appliances and treatment options available at our specialists disposal are:-

  • Conventional stainless steel braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Ceramic clear braces
  • Clear aligner therapy
  • Functional appliances for growth modification
  • Habit breaking appliances

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