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History of
Master Care Dental Clinic

Once Dr. Eng Lykuong walked past a traditional dental cabinet and saw a shirtless dental practitioner treating a patient in an unprofessional and non-standard condition. She felt pity for the patient regardless the common practice in the countryside during the 1990s.

Realizing the necessity of professional dental treatment, Dr. Eng started a high standard dental
clinic in 2003 after the peaceful and political stability in Cambodia.

She then, upgraded the clinic into a world class dental clinic with cooperation from many skillful specialists to ensure all clients receive professional and quality treatment. Master care is now known internationally as a top choice for dental services and our aim to be
the only dental clinic in Cambodia that has the most dental specialists working together is already
achieved. And planning a bigger dental hospital is coming closer.


Our Vission

- To build a dental center that provides top dental services equal to international standard organization
- Treat your teeth with a minimally invasive approach

Our Mission

- Specialized doctors in different field of dentistry
- All doctors are well trained
- Modern equipment and materials of high qualities.




Master Care Dental Clinic Founded

Our Dental Was Established in 1993s

2016 – Present

We have four Board Members

We have four Board Members

2017- 2022


Our Dental Clinic is Growing

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Master Care Dental Clinic

Treat your teeth with a minimally invasive approach.

To build a dental center that provides top dental services equal to international standard organization.

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