Dental Implant

What Exactly Is
Dental Implant?

When a tooth is extracted due to infection or injuring, there are complications such as bone loss, chewing function and esthetic. The best and up to date treatment for replacing a lost tooth is dental implant. Dental implant system consists of titanium implant body and implant abutment.

Benefit of dental Implant

  • Restore chewing function
  • Restore esthetic appearance
  • Prevent more bone loss
  • Keep adjacent teeth stable
  • Improve quality of life

Indication for Implant Placement

  • Fully Grown Jawbone
  • Have enough bone to secure Implant
  • Have healthy oral tissue
  • Want to improve the speech
  • Willing to commit several months to the process
  • Do not have health condition that will affect bone healing.

What to Expect

 On the day of your dental sedation, monitors are set up to assess Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate and an electrocardiogram (ECG) is placed to monitor the heart both before and during the dental procedure. Once fitness for IV sedation has been established, an intravenous line is set-up. Sedative and pain-relieving drugs are administered via this IV line and instant relaxation is felt within a few minutes allowing the dentist to initiate the dental procedure needed.

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